Use Cases

Ionic Shields in Daugavgrīva Primary School in Riga

Thanks to the air ionization devices Ionic Shields, the sick rate has been reduced this winter compared to previous years, says Olga Selutina, Headmaster of Riga Daugavgrīva Primary School.

Last winter, which can be described as the COVID-19 post-pandemic and influenza season, was marked by increased cases of various respiratory diseases in children and adults across Latvia. However, thanks to the Ionic Shield Cold Plasma Emitter in classrooms, the school has not experienced a significant increase in cases. In addition, since the beginning of the school year, the school has not recorded any cases of Covid-19.

"We are grateful to Perenio for helping to equip all our rooms with ionization devices," said O. Selutina, adding that no increase in the number of cases among staff and pupils has been noticed during the past winter season. However, an increase in various respiratory diseases has been reported across the country.

We provided 30 Ionic Shields to Daugavgrīva Primary School in Riga, thus equipping the entire school premises.