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Ionic Shield on Cyprus Health & Beauty Expo/Forum

Every year Cyprus hosts Health & Beauty Expo/Forum*, an event for all those who value their health, longevity and beauty.

And we were pleased to showcase our Ionic Shield - Cold Plasma Emitter** at this important event for the island.

BDM ASBIS Healthcare Dmitry Minchenko not only introduced the emitter to the exhibition's guests but also became one of the lecturers of the event. Dmitry told us what can keep you healthy during seasonal epidemics and reduces the number of active viruses in the air.

We are glad that we managed to interest in the product for both the b2b sphere (emitter for masters of beauty sphere) and customers who chose the Cold Plasma Emitter for personal use and protection from viruses.

*Health & Beauty Expo/Forum is the biggest Forum in Cyprus devoted to the health&beauty related products & services.

*Ionic Shield offers a powerful solution to reduce the presence of viruses such as Influenza A and Coronavirus in the air, effectively preventing airborne diseases.