Use Cases

Using Perenio Ionic Shield Cold Plasma Emitter in a Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul

A clinic in South Korea has been using the Perenio Ionic Shield Cold Plasma Emitter in three of its rooms: the doctor's room, the PCR diagnostic room, and the reception desk. The clinic has been very impressed with the device. It reports that it has helped reduce the number of sick leave applications among staff and provided relief to patients concerned about being infected with COVID-19.

According to a survey, the device has been working well and has no quality issues. The doctor from Aey Surgery 자리사 also said that the manual and YouTube explanation are very helpful and that they have yet to have any questions about using the device that the instructions could not answer.

The clinic manager would recommend the device to their colleagues. They say that they have already recommended it to both colleagues and patients. The doctor searched for information about cold plasma and believed it was an attractive technology.

The biggest concern among patients was whether or not they could be infected with Influenza A or COVID-19 viruses during the PCR test. The clinic manager says that the device has relieved patients by showing that the air in the room is free of viruses and bacteria.

Overall, the clinic is pleased with the Perenio Ionic Shield Cold Plasma Emitter. They say that it has helped improve the safety and well-being of staff and patients.